In the Spirit of Christmas (4)

. Magic. That was the one word that came up my mind when the church service ended and I was back home, sprawled all over my bed, alone. Let me rewind back to 7:00pm when I was just staring at the dress I laid on the bed. It was a glimmering dark red sleeveless gown….

In the Spirit of Christmas (3)

. Oh. My. God! I can’t recall the last time I had so much fun as I did today. Of course I beat Mister Stranger-Kisser in bowling, table soccer and even in poker! Well, here is how it went down. By 9:30am in the morning, I was still frantic on what to wear. I didn’t…

In the Spirit of Christmas (2)

. Hmm, should I call him now? No, I shouldn’t. I wasn’t ready yet and I wasn’t set to lose a rematch. Never! But my fingers wouldn’t cooperate with me…they dialed his number on my phone but then they hesitated when it was time to press the call button and_ trust me_ my brain took…

In the Spirit of Christmas

I don’t really believe in Christmas, or in love or in allowing some ridiculously handsome but very stupid guy in faded blue jeans_ that emphasized strong long thighs_ and a “You can’t see me” t-shirt_ that hinted a large expanse of chest and very broad shoulders_ to make jest of you in a filling station….