If I say I’m possessed,

Move you away not in fear, 

For you need not to be scared.

I’m only one who thinks outside the line,

Seeing things unseeable to mere eyes,

Saying things that are mysterious to the mind,

Speaking in lines though not in line. 


If I say I’m possessed,

Think you not of the demons.

Marine spirits live not in me

But I’m a possessed person,

One who wakes in the midnight,

Just to walk the alluring lawns

And listen to the silent voice of the night.


If I say I’m possessed,

Check you not for it in my appearance,

Look over me not with ‘that’ eyes.

I’m one with a pen which possesses blood

As ink. Little pen it seems

But mighty sword

It truly is. 

Fiercely sharpened and smoothened,

It smothers, scatters, smoothens and strengthens.


If I say I’m possessed 

And I decipher the cries of birds on cold nights,

Interpret the moves of rats in silent moments,

Deliver lines to statues of gone heroes and heroines,

Worships nature and prays to none but muse,

You may think I’m mad and say I’m possessed.


Let me clear you of doubt.

Yea! Your word is right

But Nay! Your mind is bad.

Yea! I’m possessed

But Nay! I’m different, not distressed.

Yea! I’m mad

But Nay! I’m mentally stable, not deranged.


Hear it now with swiftness;

I’m possessed with wiseness.

I’m a *M*an with *A* *D*ifference.

Dedicated to all members of the community of madness.

*Long Live Our Community*.



Department of Dramatic Art, Obafemi Awolowo University.




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