Vision 2020 – #KING LULI


It has been the expectation of multitude…

Hoping when it comes…

Everywhere will be filled up of gratitude..

And all sufferings will be called the gones…..


.As the clock and the calendar counts on..

The melodious hymn of the set vision dies as well..

There is no foundation for new generation to build upon…

Only situations like that of hell…….


Oh giant my beloved nation..

Rise up like a spirit and build the litluns..

Engrave them with good portions…..

So you can be save from the atrocities of the bigluns…


The day is at hand..

Let’s pave way to make the vision clear..




Name:Comrade Oketona Olubukola

Department: English and Literary Studies

Faculty: Arts and Humanity

Institution:Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Phone number: 08161286627



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