ANDRE SERIES _ The Crazy Bastard

A series on Andre, son of a billionaire, assassin and demented lover

Hi! My name is Andre and I am a professional assassin.

Okay… That introduction sounded a little cheesy. Well, here is an introduction you could actually believe_ and is twistingly true.

My name is Andre and I work for my father who by the way is a multi billionaire and a chauvinistic bastard. I don’t remember my mother, just few bitches who come and go by my father’s house. Some stay for days, others for hours… Depending on how entertaining they are to my father. So I grew up watching, learning and smashing.

Well, here is something you should know. I was daddy’s boy. Now, I am daddy’s trigger.

Loyalty to family is all that counts to me and my family… Well, it consisted of just me, Josh and dad_ and a couple few partners and distant relatives we screw over from time to time (there are not really family, we just tell them that to make them feel special).

Josh is my elder brother by six years. He is the second in command to dad and I had no problem with that. We were quite close before I turned seven years but he was never really around after then. He was always travelling. To be sincere, I was kind of grateful he was the heir to our business, because me? I wasn’t really into business. I was interested in other arts…
Oh. Yeah. So I said I was a professional assassin. That is also true. It is not really my fault; I mean, blame the screwed up childhood and the rest. I picked up interest in the practicality of my childhood fantasies pretty early. And with too much resources at hand, well, let us just say I became a proffesional killer.

I have a certain weakness for guns and knives. Fact is, every male kid always, at one point in their life, wanted to be a ninja. Well, with little or no supervision and enough resources at my disposal, I started learning to be one at the age of eight. I think I killed the first person, ever, in my life, my first shooting instructor, at the age of ten. It was as a result of poor judgement_ I was just ten! I apologised though… After he was dead.

By the time I was sixteen I had become a tough badass, skilled in the use of virtually all weapons, combating skills and stealth skills. I preffered home schooling as I considered myself superior to other kids my age. I guess I let the batman story get into my head. It worked out though. I think I have the determination and drive (not to mention cash) of Bruce Wayne. But a hero? Nah! I wasn’t a hearty or chilvarous person. I found the idea of helping ingrateful people pretty disgusting. Was I a villain then? Not really. I didn’t want to conquer the world or anything. I just want to protect the world I had right now. It was a fucking amazing world.

Don’t let me bore you to death about my awesome past. Here is what’s going on in the present.

The Adebante clan, one of the family’s rogue partners were starting to become a huge pain in the ass for our business. They created undue competition for the business. Since they broke out of the family group of companies, they had joined forces with our rivals and toughened business for us, at least that is what my father and Josh told me.

They were both very aware and very much appreciated my talents and were keen on using it to keep the business going smooth and remove certain ‘barriers’.

What business did we do actually? I tried not to poke into it too much but I was pretty sure it wasn’t entirely legal. Although it had a very large legal outlook, technology, investment and production, certain illegal deals and secrets were shared and made, Who am I to judge? Anyway, unlike the usual stereotype of total screw up of a billionaire’s last child with zero responsibilities and expectation, I turned out pretty useful for the family business. Infact in dad’s words, “You are the lethal weapon of this business. You, son, are the last card; the trick card. You are as important as I or Josh.”

That was the nicest thing he had ever said to me, not like I was keeping record or anything.

My mission was to terminate the entire Adebante clan and to retrieve a certain chip containing some very disturbing data. Dad and Josh wouldn’t have called on me if it wasn’t a matter that needed clinical accuracy in its execution. I was blood so I could be trusted. I was a professional at what I did and left zero traces and zero mistakes.

Not like this was my first mission_ I have been doing since I was seventeen and that was eight years ago_ but this mission created some sort of excitement within me. I had snuck into the the Adebante’s villa despite their pretty tight security detail. I searched every nook and cranny and found nothing…zilch.

I then locked up the entire Adebante family in one of their secure room, in their own villa, under the nose of their own ignorant security personnels. There were shivering with fear in the seat I tied them up in; the man of the house, Chief Adebante himself, his wife and one of their two pretty daughters_ according to family pictures and my research… It so happens that the other daughter was in the university for her masters degree.

After torturing Chief Adebante by threats of hurting his wife and daughters, he gave up the information that he’d sent the chip to his daughter in the university and that he would send for it to me if I promised to spare his life and that of his family. Well… There was no letting that happen. They had seen my face and moreover it was the mission. So I shot them all in the heart_ my silencer doing the job of not alerting the securities. I then arranged the body in a way that when I had set the house on fire, ensured that it looked like an accident.

So… Back to what made me excited about this mission, I was going to the university!

As I said earlier, I was home schooled. I never went to the university but I have two bachelor degrees, one in cognitive psychology and the other in Business Administration_ dad’s choice. I also have a masters in clinical psychology. I was thinking about going for a Doctorate degree but got engaged in other things. Well, it’s not like I needed any degree actually.

So this opportunity to go a university_ even if it is just to kill a pretty girl and to retrieve a chip_ well, it was an exciting thing.

I think I’m going to need a false identity. This is going to be so much fun!!!

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