In the Spirit of Christmas (4)

A Love Story on Christmas

That was the one word that came up my mind when the church service ended and I was back home, sprawled all over my bed, alone.

Let me rewind back to 7:00pm when I was just staring at the dress I laid on the bed. It was a glimmering dark red sleeveless gown. I love the flair of the gown_ I bought it last year December and wore it to a dinner dress party, it was awesome. I was going to total it up with the recently acquired black pointed high heels and black clutch bag.

A church date…let’s see how it goes.

By 7:30 I was all dressed up and set to go. I told Ayomide to pick me up at 7:45, giving me 15 minutes to take selfies_ very important. When the doorbell rang by 7:44 my heart started racing. I quickly retouched my rosy lips and bag in hand, I opened the door.


I think we both stood for at least three minutes ogling each other. I have never met a more handsome man in a tuxedo in my life. He looked like he strolled out of an 007 movie. His hair had been reduced lower to his head and carved to pronounce his chiseled face and dark trimmed beards. And God, those lips can kill just by the look of them. He tuxedo hugged him in a way that made me jealous. The white shirt made his dark skin shine like fresh fruit and those shoes…how did he made them so shiny?

It was really a date with me, God and man. And I was sorely tempted to exclude God from the list and change the venue to my bedroom.

He swallowed! He had to clear his throat before he could speak. That alone was enough to make my night.

“Wow…You!” Was all he could say. I smilled or blushed_ or both. “Well, thank you. You cleaned up real good. I’m gonna have problems with the sisters.” I said almost more to myself than to him. He smilled and I swooned.

Then he held out his hand and I took it and he headed to the car. We said very little throughout the drive. It was simple empty discussions, nothing awkward or too personal, just easy talk about the weather, food, christmas and church. I noticed I was staring at him almost throughout the fifteen minutes drive. Not just lust staring but more of admiration for his intelligence beyond his look. He was my kind of man.

By the time we got to church, the service had already begun and I had to mentally kick myself for forgetting that service began by 7:30pm not 8:00pm. We had to bare the stares of the already seated congregation as the blasted ushers_ God forgive me_ directed us to the seats at the middle of the church. Why do they always do that?

Ayomide, however, didn’t seem to bother though. He appeared as if at home which sort of eased my discomfort. Now, I know we weren’t supposed to talk while the sermon was on but I couldn’t help but whisper discretely to Ayomide who in the same manner replied me.

We kept whispering to ourselves about ourselves, sharing secrets and muted laughs. I bet we looked like a crazy couple, a crazy but very happy couple. The first sermon ended_ which we really didn’t pay attention to(God forgive us)_ and the choir came up to render the christmas carols.

This was the time of magic. As the beautiful voices of the choir echoed through the church, singing ‘Hark the herald angels sing’, ‘the first Noel’ among many other Christmas carols, I was transported to a teary-eyed Christmas land and when I took a look at Ayomide, and he looked at me in return, we both felt a spark that was very unnatural. It coursed through my veins like electric shock, making my heart pound faster and my breath catch. He took my hand in his till the end of the service. I had never been more aware of one’s hand on mine in all my life, neither have I loved it so bad.

When the last sermon was over_ which we really didn’t pay attention to because we were very busy stealing glances at each other(God forgive us)_ the Pastor said we should look to our neighbour and tell him or her we love them (because according to him, love was the spirit of christmas).

I looked at Ayomide and found he was already looking at me, “Well..” I begin to say before he caught me off.
“I think I have fallen in love with you. This past few hours…days has showed me that I would rather spend the rest of my life with you, be it in church or in the gaming center or even in a petrol station, than spend it, even in heaven, without you. You don’t have to say anything. I am not asking for anything. I am just letting you know how I feel.”

I was speechless. I stared deep into my stranger-kisser’s chocolate eyes and I felt a tug in my heart. Of course, I was in love with him, there was no denying that. But can I trust him with my love?

This was a man who kissed me against my will. A man who beat me in table tennis_ no grudges there. A man who followed me to church. A man who just declared his love for me.

I didn’t say anything but I let him hold my hand until we were on back inside the car. It was a silent drive back to my house and a thousand and one thoughts and counter thoughts played in my head.

When we got off the car, he walked me to my house entrance.
“Well, I guess it’s goodnight then. But for the record, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or pressured you know…”

“I think I love you, Ayo.” I broke him off. He looked at me as if stung. “I think these past few days has been the most amazing days of my life and I’m not ready to let go of that yet. I know it isn’t logical but then the heart doesn’t understand logic and I’m…”
Before I could go on, Ayomide’s lips were on mine in a kiss. It took a second to respond as I was taken aback by surprise but when I did, I did with every fibre in my body.

When the kiss finally broke_ because we are human beings that need oxygen every now and then_ my knees were jelly.

I was going to invite him in but then he told me he would rather we wait. He said he didn’t want us to consume the moment yet. I agreed, falling deeper in love still. Damn my silly heart.

We promised to take it slow and call each other the next day. He watch me go into the house before he got into his car, hesistated a little, and drove off_ I watched through the window.

I on the other hand ran squealing like a little girl into the bedroom and fell into my bed.

Magic, was I could think.
I remember I said earlier that I really don’t believe in christmas or in love.


I love Christmas!
…The end…

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    Nice… That’s all I could say, nice.

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