In the Spirit of Christmas (3)

A Love Story on Christmas


Oh. My. God!
I can’t recall the last time I had so much fun as I did today. Of course I beat Mister Stranger-Kisser in bowling, table soccer and even in poker!
Well, here is how it went down.

By 9:30am in the morning, I was still frantic on what to wear. I didn’t want to come across as looking dull or unattractive_ no girl ever wants that. But then I didn’t also want to create a slutty or easy-to-get impression. I also didn’t want to come across as too classy or stuck-up or too expensive. I wanted Ayomide to look at me with open jaws and his hands at his back. I wanted him to want to kiss me again but be afraid to try it.

Yeah…the struggles of a woman…

So I opted for a sporty nicely fitted white and red stripped top and a short white cheerleader skirt_ of course, I wore a short black sport skintight under (remember, no slutting around)_ and I packed my hair into a bun with a white band. Good, I look like a cross between Serena Williams and Jessica B.

We met at the gaming center. I didn’t exactly make him drop his jaws or fold his arms behind his back but that look in his eyes when he saw me was priceless and I felt satisfied among many other confusing emotions.

Actually, seeing him in shorts and polo did strange things to my belly and my heart. He had a great body and I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated…I should have figured he was a sportsman, the way he picked the venue and the sport.

“Did you change something…you look horrible.” He said with a teasing smile after we registered at the lobby. Liar. “Nah…it’s your eyes man, they are dying.” I said in the most boyish voice I could muster up. He laughed and I bit back mine. “Touché.” He replied as he led me to the bowling room.

When I took my first shot and hit all the bowling pins, he gave me a sincere look of shock which made my stomach do a flip of pride and excitement. I smiled like a Cheshire cat and let him take his shot. He couldn’t hit all the pins at a single go_ sad! He looked like a kid who lost his puppy at the end of the bowling game and I couldn’t help but do victory dances around him like he was a camp fire and I was some crazy native calling on the gods.

We moved on to poker and I could tell he let me beat him on the last round. The next was table soccer and that was where the competition got real. I won by a thread…it was pathetic, really. I was beginning to feel sorry for Mr Stranger-kisser.

Well, overexcited me decided to get ahead of myself and dared him to some outdoor games so I could beat him beyond repair. “I promised myself I was gonna whoop your ass at virtually everything” I told him as headed to the table.

“Oh…don’t get too cocky, miss. I won’t be gentle with you this time” He had replied as he passed me a bat.

“I never asked you to be gentle Mr Stranger-kisser. You are just making excuses, loser!” I make a face at him and his hardened.
“Be prepared to eat your words patty. No more Mr-nice-guy.” His voice was dead serious and I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.

So we got into table tennis. He whooped my ass, literarily. I was left thinking, perhaps, he had been letting me win all day. I didn’t know what to think of Mr Ayomide Felix. He had bumped a little into my car at the fuel station, had kissed me against my will, now he let me whoop his ass but at the end whoop mine terribly.

And they said women are the complicated ones…

By the end of the day we were all sweaty. “I had fun…like…this was awesome!” I told him when we were at the car park, about to go into our respective cars.
“Yeah. Even though you won, clearly. I had fun” He said with a smile. God, either he looked so hot or it was the sun making her feel faint.
“So are you gonna tell me if you let me win..” I asked toying with the hem of my skirt. He looked at me with a lopsided smile.
“Well, let’s save that for next time” He said as we stopped at my car.

“Next time?” Why did I sound so hopeful?
“Tonight is Christmas eve. I don’t know if you would be up for a dinner…” He asked and I couldn’t help but sense a bit of nervousness in his tone. Whoa. That’s new. Ever confident Stranger-kisser was asking me on an official date, on Christmas eve. How romantic. My heart was bouncing up and down like an over pumped basketball. I wanted to say yes with every fibre in my body but something held me back…something mischievous.

“Slow down, stranger-kisser. How about I invite you to my church tomorrow, christmas, for our carol night?” I bit back my smile.

He looked taken aback but quickly regained his compusure.
“Carol huh? I love carols. I will be there. By what time should I come pick you up?” He added a smile, when I frowned a little. I was just joking actually. I would have given in to the date tonight if he had pressured me but a little then he opted for a date in the church….well two could play at that game.

“7:45pm. I’ll text you my address. Come with your praise on!” I said in my best preacher voice. He laughed.
“Alleluyah!” He said. I entered my car, waved him goodbye, started the car and zoomed off.

Oh boy! What to wear? It’s been long since I attended any of my church services…and now with a drop-dead georgous man? The sisters are going to go wild…and I’m going to be the cause.

Well…Alleluyah somebody…

…to be continued…

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