In the Spirit of Christmas (2)

A Love Story on Christmas

Hmm, should I call him now? No, I shouldn’t. I wasn’t ready yet and I wasn’t set to lose a rematch. Never! But my fingers wouldn’t cooperate with me…they dialed his number on my phone but then they hesitated when it was time to press the call button and_ trust me_ my brain took over and dumped the phone back on the couch. There!


Wow! I couldn’t believe I was having a drag between my emotions and my reason. All because of one very annoying howbeit very handsome guy. I sighed, picked up the phone again, dialed his number again and pressed call. I wouldn’t let some Ayomide guy intimidate me…even though a normal person should by this time (8:30pm) be at a friday night party or be chilling at home with a movie or something. Well, he kissed me against my will…he had this call coming.

His phone rang but he didn’t pick up (the nerve of that guy!) Which made me sort of pissed and with more confidence this time, I called again.

I was ready to wash him down (with very terrible words not like bathing_ which wouldn’t be that bad because one could tell that underneath that ‘you can’t see me’ t-shirt he had a great body) when he picked up but something about his cool voice dissolved my earlier resolve. “Hello Patricia” he said.

Wait…how did he know my name? “How…I never told you my name. How did you know it was me?” I was surprised. Ayomide not only knew my name, he had my number! He had my number and he waited for me to call first!!!

“Well, it’s simple actually. I just used a caller I.d app to get the sim registration name…that is, when I saw your missed call.” He explained calmly as if it didn’t matter that he invaded my privacy with some blasted app.

Touché Ayomide, nice one.

“Ah! I never knew fraudsters had complementary cards.” I replied with enough sarcasm. He chuckled, a nice low sound that did stuffs to my stomach_ I think I’m hungry.

“A fraudster would never reveal his trade secret…I think that’s what made them a fraudster in the first place.” He replied with humor.

“Well a sensible fraudster wouldn’t, I guess.” I replied with a smug smile. I was enjoying this.
He was silent for a second and I could help but think I struck a nerve. Way to go girl!

“I don’t think you are giving me fair advantage here, Patty. How about we settle this on a game of bowling tomorrow at Eko gaming center by 10am?” He said with a hint of humour in his voice.

“Whoa! You get to chose the sport and the venue and everything, very fair Ayo. Very mature.” I said with enough sarcasm but I too couldn’t help but sense a bit of excitement in my voice…of course I’m going to play! And I’m going to smack ass! (Literarily, although it won’t be that bad in reality…I mean, I had to give it to him, for a guy he had a nice ‘smackable’ ass).

“Well, it’s a gaming center…which implies games…emphasis on ‘s’. So what do you say? Are you game?” He said teasingly. Oh, Ayomide_ kisser of strangers_ you have no idea what you are getting into.

“Are you?” I asked and hanged up without giving him a chance to reply. Feel the burn, Mister.

I don’t know why there was a sudden bounce to my step and renewed energy in my bones but I went to the kitchen, did some frying and carried out a bowl of fried yam, fried plantain and fried egg to the living room, turned on a movie and started scheming.

I never had to bother about getting fat in my life, I was blessed with a natural healthy sporty body and I have been putting it to good use (athletics, you silly mind). So, when some stranger kisser challenges me to sport…oh my…he couldn’t have brought the ball any closer to my court.

I slept that night with the face of a stranger playing tricks in my head. I admit, though, it was a lovely dream.

…to be continued…

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