Wanton Wanderer



Geez! Where am I? My head hurts…I think my brain is about to explode!
I stood up from from the red dusty ground and rubbed on my temples, an attempt to massage the migraine away. Hangover!
I must have been drinking again and passed out, but that doesn’t explain why I woke up on the ground or why everywhere seems…deserted.

“Hello stranger” A feminine voice said behind me. I turned and looked at her and can’t help but notice three things: one, her clothing seems strange and very much highlighted her big breasts; two, she was kinda hot and her pose (and look) resembled that of the cover of playboy magazine; three, I had a odd feeling we were not strangers in the least.

“Hey. Erm…Do I know you?” I asked, swallowing spit to wet my dry throat. She shook her head, her eyes widening as if a realisation just hit her and then with utter disgust she turned her back on me and started walking away.

“Wait…please, where am I? Where is everyone?” I panicked. Why am I in a desert-like land? Why do I feel like I’m in a Mad Max movie with playboy cover girl?

“You took the blue pill! We begged you not to take the blue pill!” Playboy cover girl seemed angry. She was angry and I had no idea why. Good lord, she even started crying!

“What blue pill? What the hell are you talking about?” I am on the edge now. Memories from last night started coming back. There was a party at Frederick’s. It kinda got out of control. I took a couple shots but then I blacked out. I don’t do drugs but then the party was so wild…OhmyGod! Am I that high?

“You have disappointed me and our kind, Wanton!” She cried and I couldn’t help but feel bad, helpless and confused. If I was so high wasn’t I supposed to be feeling…awesome?
The reality of this…state was quite shockingly glaring and it was bordering on scary.

“Please stop it! Our kind? Wanton? What the hell is going on?! Who the hell are you? And where the hell am I?” I shouted…this was not funny anymore. Whatever Frederick and the crew beguiled me to take, it was definitely not a high drug!!! Am I dead? Is this what happens after death?

“They say the blue pill… It messes with your head and drives you mad. You had one job, wanton! You failed us all!!! You failed me! Despite what we have been through together! You..”

And then the migraine was back, sharper this time. I cried in pain and playboy cover girl yelped in fright and started running away. I couldn’t chase her as I was battling a severe headache. Was I going mad already? I could hear sounds of laughter and murmur going on at the back of my mind, voices that seemed so far away.

“Oh no…playboy cover girl…come back…help me!” Was all I could say before colours began to swirl around my vision and I fell again into an abyss of quiet darkness.

“Sweet Jesus!!!” I woke with a start and everybody laughed…


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