Kiss on Saturday


It happened on a saturday evening. She was sad and angry, laying on her unlaid bed, thinking of the hurt that held her heart so tight that it almost choked her lungs with tears and disturbing emotions. How could he be so blind? How could she be so stupid? What was she expecting, that he would just declare his undying love for her when she just grabbed and kissed him like a sex-starved horny teenager?

God, it felt good_ the kiss_ just as she imagined it would be, only that this kiss wasn’t returned. It was so embarrasing. Ellie’s birthday party was ruined by her. It was not her fault though, she thought Davis and Ellie were no longer together, the news had been circulating school for two weeks. Who knew Ellie’s birthday party was a dirty scheme of Ellie’s to win back Davis? Perhaps, it was all a game, since they were known as a the most dramatic couple in school.
But, oh, the shame! How will she face school on monday, wear a mask or act sick? But it was a party, everyone would think she was drunk, but then that would forever hurt her good girl reputation in school, definitely. Who was she decieving? She kissed Davis Grant! She practically threw herself on him! It was like going from Virgin Mary to Sluty Ellie.

A knock on her window made her jump. Who was it? Davis Grant! How did he manage to look cuter whenever she saw him? Wait…Davis was knocking on her window…perhaps she must fallen asleep with all this worry.

Davis mouthed ‘open the window’ and she realised she had just been standing and staring at the window since she saw him. Perhaps, she was dreaming a consolation dream. She opened the window and Davis jumped into her room along with a cool breeze.

It was when she didn’t see a big blue moon, and when she turned to see Dave staring at her untidy room she knew that she wasn’t dreaming. She quickly tried frantically rearranging her room, muttering numerous ‘sorry’s. He stopped her and look her in the eye. Oh my god, she thought. Was he going to hurt her? He looked unsure and said ‘Hi’. She swallowed and replied ‘Hi’. ‘The kiss…I was just thinking…we should talk about it.’ He said, still holding on to her. She became embarrased all of a sudden, the hurt coming back. This was no telenovela. ‘I’m sorry. I was…I was drunk.’ She tried weakly. He smiled or was it a smirk…’You weren’t drunk. You know you should never kiss a guy like that…’ ‘I know. I’m sorry…’ she rushed. ‘…and run away so hastily.’ He completed.

She was dumbfounded. ‘I really like you, Tara. For quite sometime now. I just never thought you’d be the one to cut the distance. You seemed very…far away.’ She just stood there like she had been paused. ‘But…you and Ellie…’ she managed to voice out, ‘We broke up a month ago. But with Ellie and her dramatics…you know. We never worked out. Plus you know she is a…she doesn’t stick to a guy for long.’ She nodded, knowing that to be true. And then he leaned to her and said, ‘Can I kiss you?’ She nodded again.

Then came the kiss. It was not like she always imagined, it was sweeter.

After the kiss and many other rounds of kisses, Davis climbed out the window promising to return tommorow evening.
As she closed the window, she noticed the moon seemed huge. Perhaps, it was lover’s syndrome, perhaps, she was dreaming.

Whatever it was, she was happy and woke up the next morning with a smile and butterflies in her stomach.
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