Dream of Bread

Another terrible wind carried away the roof of another thatched hut in my village. I am really scared. We don’t have usually such wind here in our village.
My big sister held me tighter in her arms and I hugged her tighter in response. We were packed together, the whole village, in the village store. It is the only house that is strong enough to withstand the strong wind. A lot of muttering was going on in the store. We are not so many in our village so we could fit in with the sacks of grains, cassava flakes, groundnut, oil and tubers of yam at the store.
I looked around for my friend, Raja, admist the little crowd and found him with his mother and brothers. They looked excited, except for their mother and their eldest brother who looked worried. I wish I was not as worried as my big sister. My mother and father had gone to get bread and milk in the next village along with the parents of other families. Perhaps, this is the reason we are able to fit in the store without destroying the food.
Another gust of wind blew and shook the store. We all gasped and my sister held me tighter. I didn’t mind, I was scared myself. Raja and his brother seemed more excited, like they could wait to get out into the evil wind.
Several hours later the wind continued shaking the store and my sister had almost squeezed me to death. I left her and went to play with Raja and his brothers, since I didn’t want to die before the wind, if it would, carried all of us away.
The wind did not carry us away. At night, the wind was reduced but we were not allowed to leave the store. I returned to my sister’s side to find I have since been replaced by Toji, an admirer of my big sister. I laid beside them, trying to block out their continuous chat and giggles. I didn’t know when I fell asleep but when I did, I dreamt of bread.
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