This Freedom

This freedom ©Lungile Peter Chidothe -Dedicated to all strong people. Take this freedom Take it, it’s your own Hide it in your heart Hide it in your soul Like a flower Let it blossom In hollow caves Let it echo Take it, it’s all yours Love it, it’s your own Like a candle Let it …

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Girl Power and Black Pride

¤ These movements are quite paradoxical in nature. Girl Power initially represented a movement against Male domination and female oppresion, while Black Pride initially represented a movement against White domination and black oppression or Racism. . However as time progressed alongside success, these former protagonist movements have started becoming antagonistic in nature. Girl Power now …

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​All About TEMMYPHIL –  Kolawole Philip Akinbowale

The brand #Temmyphil is a blend of the clipped middle names of Kolawole Temitope Philip Akinbowale.  The essence is to create a brand different but non-exclusive from the brand owner, containing a vision. In that vein #Temmyphil can be said to mean  T= Teaching E= Every M= Man MY= My PHIL= Philosophy Kolawole Philip Akinbowale …

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Tooth Fairly

Twinkle, little sparkly tooth How was dinner? You shine like you never bite Neat as a silver knife Your corners are smooth tile Your tip is pointed sharp Return to your cage (That wide mouth) When it is time to chew You will find, out. ~ #temmyphil ©2017 Fb.me/thetemmyphil

#One_Poem_for_a_Million_Lives – Peter Benjamin Peter

(#One_Poem_for_a_million_lives)         ~ Mr. president, have you eaten? Oh, misty minded! Tune to the northern sun Have thy heart been blinded? Does sorrow bring you fun? Grumbling stomachs in scorching heat Down the street they line their seat Association of beggars  Infants littering like papers Inch by inch we drift into oblivion …

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